The Healing Power of Sound

I laid on the floor, eyes wide with anticipation, curious how exactly this “Sound Healing” session was going to affect me. I’d had sound experiences before in yoga class, when the teacher played the crystal bowls for a few moments to help us deepen into Savasana. I recalled enjoying the waves of sound very much and hoped this would be similarly wonderful. After all, and even though the bowls were only played for a short time, the melodic sounds were not only an audible experience to enjoy but a felt experience that my entire body would relax into. Those few moments had always left me wanting more.

But the session here had the bearings of something much more impactful. For one, it was an entire hour of sound healing. And for two, I had never seen so many sound instruments in one room. I called it "The room with the 10-thousand musical instruments” as that delightfully reminded me of the Chinese expression signifying the bountiful abundance of every splendid thing every made by God’s own creation. To put it simply, I was impressed with the variety as I was bound to hear musical instruments I had never heard before!

As I glanced around, I noticed that everywhere I looked from floor to ceiling, I saw some kind of instrument: from tribal drums to didgeridoos to the biggest gong measuring in at a radius of four feet! I had never seen such a large gong and quickly debated whether or not I wanted the spot closest to it. After all, I love to be as close to the crystal bowls as possible. Even though I know it's not necessary because the sound waves carries quite well for a full-body experience.

Nestled in between the instruments that were placed around the room were empty spots on the floor to get cozy and comfortable. I and the twelve other people present for the experience made ourselves comfortable pallets with the bolsters and blankets provided. I watched the Sound Healer walk about the room with an air of reverence for his space, the time, and even for us, as he put the final touches on the position of each instrument he was to use soon. I felt assured that I would be held safely in his presence.

There was a family of three next to me, a father, mother, and an adult son on vacation. Just like me, they had come to the Appalachian Mountains for healing and were buzzing with anticipation and excitement for the hour-long “sound bath” as they called it. This was not their first time doing something like this and they let me know. If I didn’t already have some awareness of the power of musical instruments, I would have thought they were trying to sell me on the whole thing. But I bought my spot knowing this was to be special and I was ready for the sounds to do some true healing work.

I was just coming off the busiest year of my life working three jobs and graduating from grad school. I had never been so busy, so dizzy, so completely overwhelmed and I was ready for the kind of relaxation that goes beyond eight hours of the forced sleep that is required to function at the pace that was necessary for me to survive during that time. I was tired to the core of my being and running on fumes and just completely grateful to be on the first vacation in years in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina; a place I had always wanted to visit.

The Mountains were speaking to me during my week-long vacation. Each day it was possible for me to actually engage with nature in a lovely way. It amazed me that due to the elevation of the mountains, the sun’s light was soft and gentle to rise, warm and soothing at the peak of the day, and slipped quietly away into an afternoon and evening that sent a cool breeze and gorgeous pastel light till dusk. I began to refer to the mountains as “Mamma Mountain” and each chance I got to commune with her, I poured all of my worries and concerns along with my hopes and dreams into her proverbial arms.

The sound healing session was an unexpected synchronistic gift from Mamma Mountain during our vacation. One must energetically allow for such an experience to land deep within the heart space. I was ready to receive. So there I lay for one blissful hour with my eyes closed, feeling held by the lovely configuration of sounds as the waves of vibration washed over and through me. Any time a thought crept in, I would allow the timbre to whisk it away because each next tone, each next drum, each next gong invited me deeper into the present moment; a place that had felt like a luxury lately with all of my responsibilities.

It was a deeply grounding mind, body, and soul experience that seemed to cut right through the layers of everything I had been holding onto for way too long. I never heard the healer’s footsteps or felt his physical presence nearby. Especially when he played the didgeridoo, it was as though he were playing it right over my body. His rhythm was a felt experience. His timing seemed divine. At one point, the vibrations made me feel as though I was levitating off the ground! I dared not to open my eyes to see. I didn't need visual information for this experience. Everything that was happening to me or for me was happening on levels that went deeper than the physical world.

Time flew by. Before I knew it, he was gently signaling through the instruments, that wherever we had been for that time, it was now time to come back to the here and now.

I took my time opening my eyes and entered back into the world feeling refreshed and energized. It sort of resembled how I feel going to the chiropractor for a long overdue adjustment. I walk in crooked and feeling tight and constricted but walk out feeling open, expansive, and aligned.

I heard once somewhere that sounds were used in ancient times as a way to influence people’s behavior. I was certainly influenced to center into myself, reconnect to my soul, and rejuvenate. It’s experiences like this beautiful hour that remind me of the importance of taking time for the healing arts because their power to affect change is real and resonate.

I encourage you to seek, find, and explore your own special place on the planet and open yourself up to the healing experiences that are everywhere in abundance. I no longer think of vacations as a means to “get away” from my normal everyday life but rather a deeply meaningful opportunity to get closer to the center of my being and remember the magic and power that resides within and all around. It’s an opportunity for healing and personal growth. A way to recharge and remember who I am at my core. Retreats are a perfect way to carve out the time and space needed for the deep healing work that must be done for spiritual growth.

Article by Morgan Leigh Turner. Morgan is a Self-Love Coach with a masters degree in Trauma-Informed Social Work. Her life-experience and mentorship by a Spiritual Healing Practitioner prepared her to believe that healing is possible in all capacity. Morgan’s #1 mission and passion is helping women see and own their brilliance. Her background in yoga and meditation helps her to guide women on how to reconnect with their Divine Nature and tap into their inner power to affect the change they want for their life. If you ask her about her favorite thing in the entire world, she will answer, “Grow in Self-Love.” Contact Morgan at

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