7 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

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Have you ever noticed just how much your environment can affect how you feel and the impact it can have on your mood? I recently moved to the Appalachian Mountains to flee from the nearly inescapable sunshine of SW Florida. I’m well aware of how many people desire to and actually move there for the sunshine, but they are feeling my pain from another angle. Thirty years of intense sun and heat was just about all I could handle. I would pray for those long rainy days to occur to get a reprieve from the sun and heat but they don’t call Florida the “Sunshine State” for nothing.

Over the last four years, I have made it my practice to dive more deeply into self-awareness and do the things that I know are good for me and will bring me closer and closer to my highest self. It’s a journey of self-love that has become the most nourishing thing I do for myself because it informs basically everything I do and all the choices I make. Moving to the mountains and experiencing the four seasons was one of the biggest choices I’ve made for myself because I knew having a nourishing environment was going to support my practice of self-care in some major ways.

And it has because now I can actually engage with the environment in some spectacular ways. I’m just gonna say the word “waterfalls” and I think you’ll understand. They are everywhere and easily accessible!

Through my research of the region, I knew that along with the four seasons, I would experience mild summers and winters- not too hot and not too cold. What I didn’t expect was so much rain!

At first, I was extremely happy about the overcast and rainy days because, again, I’d had enough sunshine. But after a while, I even had to admit to myself that, at times, the rainy days got me feeling a little down.

Having such a drastic change in life such as this caused me to reflect on many things, but in particular, the weather and how it makes me feel. Enormous amounts of sunshine always had me on the go. When it’s bright, I’m up and ready to do all the things. This often led to overworking myself and having a difficult time settling into times of relaxation or shutting myself in an air-conditioned home to avoid the burn. Now, with all the overcast and rainy days we receive in the mountains (and believe-you-me that the locals are all sick of it too because the amount of rain they’ve been getting for the last two years is abnormally high) I find myself getting a little weary.

To be proactive about my situation and feelings, I got to thinking, how can I more embrace the way things are instead of resisting or energetically giving into the other extreme which might be laziness or depression? Because after all, the rain is part of what makes the landscape here so vibrant and beautiful.

First, I got real with myself and accepted that the weather and environment have some effect on me. Then I decided to brainstorm fun things to do on rainy days because ultimately I think it's our individual responsibility to respond to the needs that rise up, the feelings that well up, and the desires that need fanning. We can work with what we’ve got and make the best of it.

Whether or not the rainy days get you a little down, or if you are struggling with feelings of sadness or depression (despite the weather and for whatever valid reason) there is always something we can do, no matter how difficult it may seem, to help pick ourselves up and create a little internal sunshine once again.

Do you love the rain? Check out our Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica’s central mountains at the start of the green season.

I have come up with some of my favorite ways in hopes that they will spark some inspiration within you, but feel free to add your own or modify this list.

1. Rearrange a room in your house!

I promise I’m not trying to suggest even more work to do in your already busy life. There is a real purpose behind this activity aside from making a room look different. Moving things around can shake up the stagnant energy in a house but also within. It gives you the opportunity to create something new to engage with or experience. It can also help you notice what’s weighing you down or what you’re holding onto that no longer serves you in terms of actual stuff and even emotional stuff. Rearranging has special magical powers like that.

2. Finally make that recipe you’ve had “pinned" for a while now!

Having fun in the kitchen creating something new and tasty is a great way to brighten your day. I don’t know about you but when I’m scrolling on social media, I always land on a post that glorifies a delicious recipe that I then “save for later” with every intention of going back to it to cook up. But then life happens and I forget. Rainy days are the perfect time to get cookin’! You can literally bring sunshine to your insides in this way.

3. Pick up that musical instrument and learn to play a song!

I used to spend so much time playing the piano and guitar. I actually felt compelled to do it. I loved every minute of it but as life got busier and more responsibilities were acquired, I let music slide to the wayside. Taking even just 20 minutes to sit with an instrument can make a huge difference in how you’re feeling energetically. And even if you don’t know a single note, the internet has a ton of free tutorials to help get you started….so there really is no excuse but the one we give. We make time for the things we truly want. Also, the vibration of the notes can make a tremendous difference in how you’re feeling inside. Sound healing is a highly recognized practice worth looking into.

4. Turn on some jams and dance it out!

Dancing is one of the best things we can do for our mind, body, and spirit! The actual music we choose is super important too because some songs have a vibrational frequency that is intended to lift you up and get you feeling higher. Put something on that resonates with you and gets you feeling like you want to groove. Your entire being will thank you for it!

5. Get a good pen and some paper and write it out!

Writing can be so cathartic. I tend to be super critical at times and edit while I’m writing which is fine for some of the time, but there is such value in giving yourself permission to write whatever is coming through even if it doesn’t make sense or feels embarrassing. Sometimes we get so busy in the “doing" of life that we forget to take the time to process the happenings. Personal journaling is an incredible activity to process the stuff. And if you’re afraid to put thoughts and feelings to paper, remember that you can always rip it up or burn it if you’re afraid to hold on to it. Express that poetry, that story, that song that lives inside of you! The power is in the expressing.

6. Get lost in a book.

Reading is the magical act of transporting oneself to another world and getting to experience the wonder of imagination! Have you ever gotten completely immersed in a book that you forgot you were even reading? Did the characters and storyline seem so real that you forgot life existed outside of the story? Or have you ever been so moved by a story or its characters that by taking in the words on the pages you were forever transformed as a person? Take the time, settle in with a cozy blanket and a cup of tea in your favorite spot and allow yourself to go on a journey. You never know just how it will change you!

7. Put on your rain boots and a poncho and embrace the weather.

When I did, flowers actually attached themselves to me on my boot buckle [see picture]! What a sweet reminder that no matter the condition, both inside and out, there is still evidence of beauty, wonder, and hope all around. Going outside and observing what nature does during and after a rain shower is now up there as one of my favorite meditation practices. Playing in the rain was one of my favorite things to do as a kid! I don’t want to lose that part of me. The rain can be embraced, the feelings that come up can also be embraced. I think the most empowering lesson I received from this deepening practice is that we are only limited by our thoughts about the things and that we can choose to do something different with our time, energy, and attention. I learned that environmental factors do affect me but that I get to choose how I respond.

Today, I chose adventure.

What will you choose?

Article by Morgan Leigh Turner. Morgan is a Self-Love Coach with a masters degree in Trauma-Informed Social Work. Her life-experience and mentorship by a Spiritual Healing Practitioner prepared her to believe that healing is possible in all capacity. Morgan’s #1 mission and passion is helping women see and own their brilliance. Her background in yoga and meditation helps her to guide women on how to reconnect with their Divine Nature and tap into their inner power to affect the change they want for their life. If you ask her about her favorite thing in the entire world, she will answer, “Grow in Self-Love.” Contact Morgan at Morgan@Wildflower-Coaching.com

Do you love the rain? Check out our Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica’s central mountains at the start of the green season.

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